Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Rock the Ballet *sabber*

OMG! Rock the Ballet ist sooo geil! Ich war heut in Leipzig in der Nachmittagsshow und bin restlos begeistert *///////*
Die Jungs sind sooo HOT! Ich fand ja von Anfang an Kevin Mylrea total geil, aber die anderen Jungs standen ihm in nichts nach *kreisch* Zusammen mit Stef haben wir das Gewandhaus gerockt xD Meine Stimme ist immernoch angeschlagen, meine Beine zittrig und ob ich meine Hände jemals wieder kontrollieren kann... ich weiß es nicht xD

Sind sie nicht OBERHAMMERGEIL??? *in ohnmacht fall*
Aber das allergeilste ist ja: Da meine Stöf und ich ja die totalen Stalker sind, mussten wir natürlich auch ein Autogramm von den Hotties haben xD Also haben wir tatsächlich nach den Jungs Ausschau gehalten und haben ihnen in der Stadt beim Italiener aufgelauert *roll* (war sehr peinlich, wir haben kein ordentliches englisches Wort rausgebracht... aber es hat sich gelohnt *nick*)
Kevin meinte dann so: "Awww fangirlies - how cute xD" *LOL* *auf schulter klopf*

Fazit: Lieber mal zum Affen machen und einen Erfolg verzeichnen, als sich ewig zurückzuhalten und nicht glücklich zu werden XD

PS: Findet ihr nicht auch, dass Kevin wie Jensen Ackles aussieht? Zumindest eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit ist da xD

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Memorial Quotes - Jack/Ianto

Huuui, dann auch gleich noch tolle Zitate von Ianto und Jack *_*


Jack: "And this is Ianto Jones [Ianto nods] Ianto cleans up after us, gets us everywhere on time."
Ianto: "I try my best."
Jack: "And he looks good in a suit."
Ianto: "Careful, that's harassment, sir."


Ianto: "You know, I still have that stopwatch."
Jack: "So?"
Ianto: "Think about it, lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."
Jack: "Oh yeah, I can think of a few."
Ianto: "There's quite a list."
Jack: "I'll send the others home early, see you in my office in ten."
Ianto: "That's ten minutes... and counting."


Jack: "Oh yeah, I love that office-y feel. I always get excited in these places. To me they're exotic. Office romances... Photocopying your butt, well maybe not your butt, although whilst we're here why don't we photo-"
Ianto: "The rift was active at these coordinates, approximately 200 feet above ground. That means this floor or the roof."
Jack: "How are you, Ianto?""
Ianto: "All the better for having you back, Sir."
Jack: "Can we drop the 'Sir' now? I mean, while I was away, I was thinking, maybe we could...You know, when this is all done...Dinner, a movie...?"
Ianto: "Are you asking me out on a date?"
Jack: "Interested?"
Ianto: [stuttering]"Well, as long as it's not in an office...Some fetishes should be kept to yourself."


Jack: "This time tomorrow he'll be back in 1918."
Ianto: "In his own time. [pause] Would you go back to yours, if you could?"
Jack: "Why? Would you miss me?"
Ianto: "Yep."
Jack: "I left home a long time ago, I don't know where I really belong. Maybe that doesn't matter anymore."
Ianto: [perches on the edge of Jack's desk] "I know you get lonely."
Jack: "Going home wouldn't fix that. Being here, I've seen things I never dreamt I'd see, loved people people I never would have know if I'd stayed where I was." [looks directly at Ianto] "And I wouldn't change that for the world."
[Ianto kisses Jack]


Jack: "Oh, by the way, I found your diary."
Ianto: "Ah, yes, I've been looking for that." [starts to walk away]
Jack: "And for the record, measuring tapes never lie."
Ianto: [silently] "Fuck."


[Talking about the pterodactyl]
Jack: "Quite excitable!"
Ianto: "Must be that aftershave.""
Jack: "I never wear any."
Ianto: "You smell like that naturally?"
Jack: "Fifty first century pheromones, you people have no idea!"


Ianto: "Like a butler! I could be a butler!"
Jack: "We don't need a butler."
Ianto: "Excuse me, dried egg on your collar!"
Jack: "It was a busy week!"

Jack: [talking to the pterodactyl] "Come back with me. I've got somewhere nice and big where you can fly around."
Ianto: "So you'll let the pterodactyl in and not me?!"
Jack: "I need a guard dog"
Ianto: "I could be that!"


Ianto: "Heh, he thought we were a couple, he said 'You two', the way he said it 'You two'."
Jack: "Well we are, does it matter?"


Jack: "Ianto! We're having a baby."
Ianto: "Congratulations. Is now a good time to tell you I lost the car?"
Jack: "You did what?!"


Ianto: Do you ever think that one day your luck'll run out? That you won't come back?
Jack: I'm a fixed point in time and space. That's what the Doctor says. I think that means it's forever.
Ianto: So, one day you'll see me die of old age and just... keep going?
Jack: Yeah...
Ianto: We'd better make the most of it then.
Jack: Suppose...
Ianto: Like right now?
Jack: Ianto, the world could be ending.
Ianto: World's always ending. And I have missed that coat.
Jack: Rhys, do you want to take the car down to those shops by the Wharf? We need some discs for these things. Should take about 20 minutes.
Ianto: [quickly] Thirty.
Jack: 30 minutes.
Rhys: I'll go later; the beans are almost done.
Jack: Beans are almost done.
Ianto: Bloody beans.

Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Memorial Quotes - Doctor/Master

Hach, Master und Doctor sind doch einfach nur absolut geil, oder? *_*
Hier ein paar wichtige Zitate :3
Aber zur Einstimmung ein geiles Bild *harhar*


The Master: "Doctor?"
The Doctor: "Master."
The Master: "I like it when you use my name."


The Master: "You must have been like God."
The Doctor: "I've been alone ever since. But not any more. Don't you see, all we've got is eachother."
The Master: "Are you asking me out on a date?"


The Master: "Tell me, where's your TARDIS?"
The Doctor: "You could be so wonderful."
The Master: "Where is it?"
The Doctor: "You're a genius. You're stone-cold brilliant, you are, I swear you really are. But you could be so much more. You could be beautiful. With a mind like that, we could travel the stars. It would be my honour. Because you don't need to own the universe, just see it. To have the privelege of seeing the whole of time and space. That's ownership enough."
The Master: "Would it stop then? The noise in my head."
The Doctor: "I can help."
The Master: "I don't know what I'd be without that noise."
The Doctor: "I wonder what I'd be without you."
The Master: "Yeah."